Get Your Vehicle Recovered With Reliable And Safe Services

Get Your Vehicle Recovered With Reliable And Safe Services

Many of us have been in situations where our car either breaks down or runs out of petrol or gas or sometimes gets into an accident. These situations are not only scary on their own but the safe transportation of our car is another thing that is on our mind. Finding reliable sources that I can think will provide a safe Recovery near me can be very difficult. 

However, many companies now offer roadside assistance and vehicle recovery depending on why you want your car recovered and what kind of service you would prefer. Different types of services are offered according to the type of your emergency, the damage to your vehicle, and the number of cars involved.  

Why Hire Vehicle Recovery Services 

In today’s world, almost everyone has a car, and some people even have multiple cars. But with owning a car comes great responsibility. You have to make sure it is never low on fuel, especially when traveling long distances such as between cities, or roads that pass through deserted or less populated areas. 

In addition to that, following the speed limit for the roads according to the signs and generally driving safely can save us from a number of unhappy accidents. But sometimes even when you take all the safety measures, circumstances that cannot be controlled arise. These might include some mechanical problem such as overheating of the car or a punctured tire or an issue purely due to forgetfulness such as running out of fuel or water for your car. 

These issues can be easily avoided but sometimes one cannot help but face a problem. In such a case, you should have at hand the contact information of your nearest or a reliable vehicle recovery service at hand. This will not only prove helpful in getting you out of your problem but also fix whatever issue you are facing so you can be safely on your way and if your car needs to be towed, they can handle that too. 

What Do You Mean By Towing

Towing is the process in which one vehicle is moved or hauled with the help of another vehicle using chains. There are many different types of towing services. When your car breaks down due to whichever reason, you must know which type of towing your car might need. Some of the common towing services that are commonly used are the following

Hook And Chain Method 

This is the oldest version of towing cars. In this method, the towing vehicle has a chain at the end of which there is a hook. This hook is connected to the front or back of the vehicle which causes the wheels on the other side to be lifted off the ground. The vehicle is then dragged away on two wheels with the help of the tow truck. 

This manner of towing vehicles is not very popular nowadays because it can badly damage the vehicle, not only with the hook and chain but also because the car in the back has no support and can be hit into other cars while being driven. This method is now more or less used for cars that have been into accidents or when vehicles need to be removed from the rubble. 

Because many people do not prefer this method now for their vehicle, a newer version has now been introduced. This method is safer and easier to carry out. In this method, a tow bar is attached to a hook that is provided by the recovery service, and two drivers are needed, one operating the two trucks and the other to drive the vehicle being towed. This process allows you to have greater control over the vehicle being towed as it also has a driver now. 

Hydraulic Towing

Hydraulic towing is another safe method to get your car from one place to another if it breaks down. In this type of towing, the mechanical system for towing extends out towards the vehicle to be towed and fits underneath it. The tow truck driver sits inside the cab and controls all the movements. 

This method allows equal distribution of car weight over the hydraulic arm of the tow truck which provides a safer and easier towing process.  

Flatbed Towing

As the name indicates, in flatbed towing, the car to be towed is pulled onto a flatbed that is attached to the back of the tow truck with the help of chains. If the car or vehicle can be driven, it is driven onto the flatbed of the tow truck. This is now the preferred method of getting your car towed if you are ever stranded and want to contact services that offer recovery near me.

Zero Degree Towing

This is a type of flatbed towing. Where the regular flatbed towing needs the vehicle driven or pulled onto the flatbed attached to the back of the tow truck, the zero-degree towing uses another version of this method. In zero-degree towing, the flatbed behind the tow truck can be lifted and detached from the tow truck and fixed under the car to be towed. 

This car is then safely moved onto the space behind the tow truck with the help of the flatbed. This method is becoming more popular especially for premium vehicles or new cars that need to be transported from one city to another. 


Cars are one of the most common modes of transportation in today’s world. While their usage makes our life a lot easier, sometimes they can pose some problems that common people like us are not able to understand. While many issues a car faces can be easily avoided, sometimes a technical difficulty arises that we could not have seen coming. In these cases, we need to hire the help of professionals who can help us get our car to safety so we can figure out what the problem was and how it can be avoided in the future.